Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for murder

Of my two (so far) murder mysteries, I had the most fun writing Murder by the Acre, the sequel to Murder by Dewey Decimal. The characters were easier to handle, the townspeople more real, the dialogue funnier and more realistic at the same time. And I think the relationship between Bernard and Lisa "worked" this time while it was a bit dodgy the first time around. I actually didn't intend for Bernard and Lisa to get together -- Lisa was meant for Sims -- but that's how it worked out in Murder by Dewey Decimal, and the story was better for it. But it made a lot of work for me.

People ask me why I write murder mysteries. I think they think it's because I have some dark impulses. Maybe I do, but the real reason I write them is because I like the puzzles they present and I like to see justice win. Those are the books I like to read, so they're the ones I like to write. It's that simple.

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Nana Prah said...

Murder is a good M word, especially for a murder mystery writer. Nice post.