Monday, April 15, 2013

A Leaving Dream

(I'm enjoying National Poetry Writing Month, where the participants write 30 poems in 30 days. Here's my poem for the 15th day Learn more about NaPoWriMo HERE.)

A Leaving Dream

She always had that dream
of leaving. Someday she'd walk
away from her life and start
anew in a distant city of light.
Ads from a travel daemon littered
her tablet. Links to exotic places.
The plains of Mars or the oceans
of terraformed Venus. Maybe
the comet cloud resorts resting
on the edge of the solar system
where the privileged skied
on ice formed when time
had barely begun to count.
Anywhere had to be better
than Lunar City Seventeen.

And she'd find new brave friends.
Friends who would support her
wholeheartedly and give more
than they took. And a new love.
A new lover who would love
her more than she loved him,
who would cherish her as if she
carried within her his reason for
being born and continuing to live.
She always had this dream
of leaving, but her courage failed
every time. Every time turned
into maybe this time. Until
one day they found her loft empty.
Only a forwarding daemon pointing
to Olympus Mons -- and beyond.

(Copyright 2013 by Stephen B. Bagley. From Undying: Poems of Fantasy and Science Fiction. No copying without express prior permission. Thank you for reading.)

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