About SBB

Stephen B. Bagley's latest book is Tales from Bethlehem. In these funny and touching tales, you’ll meet a stable boy, a serving girl, an honest spy, an astounding clerk, an empty innkeeper, a mighty ship of the desert, and many others as they share their amazing Tales from Bethlehem.

He wrote Floozy and Other Stories, a collection of his published humorous essays. Another collection of new material, A Little Floozy, is planned for late 2014 or as soon as the reading public can bear it.

He also wrote Murder by Dewey Decimal and Murder by the Acre, both in the Measurements of Murder Mystery™ series. The third in the series, Murder by the Mile, will be published in 2014. A Measurements of Murder Mystery™ short story appears in the anthology Creations 2012 and in Creations 2013: 40 Ways to Look at Love.

Undying: Poems of Fantasy and Science Fiction, his second poetry collection, will be published in 2014 or 2015. It's a collection of dark poetry with fantastic themes. EndlesS, the first collection of his poetry, was published in 2008. His poetry has been published in Creations 2013: 40 Ways to Look at Love,  Creations 2012, ByLine Magazine, Prairie Songs, Free Star, and other print and online publications. His poetry, according to one contest judge, reveals a "sensitive and sensual way of looking at the world." He thinks the judge was maybe saying the poetry was naughty, but he's not sure.

He also wrote the full-length plays Murder at the Witch's Cottage and Two Writers in the Hands of an Angry God and co-wrote Turnabout. He coauthored two one-act plays (“Hogwild” and “There’s a Body in The Closet”) that were published by Dramatic Publishing Company. These are rather good if he does say so himself and, trust us, he does.

His articles and features have been published in Nautilus Magazine, OKMagazine, Pontotoc County Chronicles, Your Country Music Magazine, various newspapers, and other publications.

He graduated from Oklahoma State University (GO POKES!) and lives happily in Oklahoma. He is president of Ada Writers and a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.