Tuesday, April 16, 2013


(I actually published this poem in my book EndlesS back in 2008, but I couldn't resist reworking some of the lines to better reflect what I mean. I guess I never really stop revising a poem. This poem is part of National Poetry Writing Month in which we write 30 poems in 30 days. Learn more about NaPoWriMo HERE.)


black in the sky black sound in the mouths of those who stare blindly
at spiraling void descending on jagged wings soundless screams
swallowed by endless hunger the awful infinity of the void
requires our presence in the last dance Hawkings
would approve as the events of our lives
vanish beyond the horizon spiraling
down into eternity beyond
which we cannot see
divide by zero
divide by
oh the
stars are like
a thousand diamonds
but I see your face and laugh
I kiss your face and laugh and angels
dance on pins skies pour forth blinding light
powers move upon the deep and the seraphim sing
as we hurl ourcometselves together bodies feeding glowing
hunger gasps your hands grab my back burn through pain sorrow
we’re falling flying soaring shouting exclaiming rejoicing sigh breathe
and you turn to me fully alive as only you can be and say let’s fall in again

(Copyright 2013 by Stephen B. Bagley. First published in EndlesS. Revision from the forthcoming Undying: Poems of Fantasy and Science Fiction. No copying without express prior permission. Thank you for reading.)

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