Wednesday, August 11, 2004

     Okay, first I was excited that an agent finally asked to see my book.
     Now I think ... it could be ... it may be ... yes, it's panic now.
     Why panic?
     Because it's not finished! Oh, I didn't conceal that fact in my query. In fact, a published author told me that was probably the reason I didn't get any positive responses until now. But I had read a book by an author who said that it was okay to send out a query as long as you were up-front with the fact that it wasn't finished.
     I was up-front.
     The letter said they want to see the first three chapters and then a synopsis. I have that. And the first three chapters are as good as I can make them. I wrote a good synopsis. I've even got the middle and end written. I need just that part between the middle and the end. (Yes, I know that might not the smartest way to write a book. Hey, you write one, and then get back to me, okay?) I'm 70,000 words into it. But still ... what do I do if he wants to represent the book?
     And oh, to have that problem!
     So now I've put that novel back on the front burner. All other projects will have to be put aside until I have it finished. It's my first and only priority until it's done. I've been working on a schedule, and if I keep it, it should be finished by the end of October.
     Heigh ho, heigh ho, off to write I go.


Gloria Williams said...

You'll get it done, Tech! I remember critting those first three chapters, and if the rest of the book is as good as they are, you're going to have no problems getting that agent and then he'll have no problems in selling the book. Just one favor - I want an autographed copy! :)

Anonymous said...

Youcandoit. Remember the little engine that could. All the way up the steep hill, it chugged, "ThinkIcan thinkIcan thinkIcan." And then as it went over the top and started down, he chugged, "ThoughtICould thoughtIcould thoughtIcould." It's a children's story, but it's true. (That's all my two little ones let me read these days! I may write a children's book myself. It will be titled "Give Mommy Some Time To Herself Or She's Going To Go Crazy!" :)
Love ya,
Susan T.

Anonymous said...
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Kent said...
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Kent said...

That's great news! Don't be stressed you will do well, you are a true writer. Being a little nervous will help you get it completed anyway. I promise to buy a copy.