Sunday, August 22, 2004

     I feel like someone has beat me with a stick. And the someone was me. I can't blame anyone else. I wrote a check that my body didn't want to cash.
     In college, it was nothing for me to stay awake a couple of days in a row, grab two hours of sleep and then hang out with my friends until the next morning. The past couple of days I've stayed up to 1 a.m. and then 4:30 a.m. and feel like a zombie, including and not limited to flesh dropping off in chunks.
     The reason I was up is too complicated to think about right now (I have a headache behind my right eye that threatens to move all over my tired brain) but we dealt with some of the fall-out of Gottehemah as well as all the new events after -- we've met twice since Gottehemah (including this weekend) and I think we're moving in a good direction, or at least, one that isn't quite as lethal. That's my hope, anyway. We''ll see. Some people are growing, some people are learning, some are just going with the flow. We think of ourselves as unique, but really, that describes just about everyone. But it is a good group despite those inevitable personality conflicts.
     A blanket apology to everyone who tried to contact me by IM and/or email Friday and Saturday. I went off and left my computer online. I returned to find over 20 different IMs. I wasn't there to respond.I will be responding to the emails tonight and tomorrow. Just wanted you to know that I wasn't purposely ignoring you. I still worship everyone of you ...
     Anyway, I'm alive, here and still kicking. Soon I will be sleeping. I'll post more after I catch on my dream time.


Gloria Williams said...

Thank goodness. Let us know when you're going to be gone so we won't worry! :)

Joel said...

Ah, you've just experienced one night of call. Ready to become a doctor? ;-)