Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Do you think of me all the time?

Of course, I think of you constantly.
Well, not every breathing moment, as sometimes
other things demand my attention
like rice and salad and
why Donald Trump has that dead possum on his head
but a lot of the time
when the TV is off
and I'm not on the computer
and not reading
or writing
or sleeping
or cleaning house
or mowing the lawn
or eating
I think of you
and what you mean
in the grand never-ending scheme
of the universe which overhead
gives forth a canopy of stars
that illuminate the heavens
and makes us wonder
if there truly is alien life
and what are they doing
and let's hope it doesn't involve anything with probes
because that's just nasty
and you have to wonder about
the mindset of creatures
who conquer space
just to come to Earth to do that
which doesn't make any kind of sense
and from that we can surmise
that probably they don't
but then you have to wonder
about all those people who say
they have been captured and probed
and surely not all of them are lying
so something strange and unsettling
is going on and someone should do something about it
soon before this probing spreads
and we all walk funny and
talk about being probed
instead of spending our lives
as we should
by thinking about you
all the time.

Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.


Gloria Williams said...

Funny! And thanks for the email.

TECH said...

Thanks, and you're welcome. :)