Sunday, September 30, 2007

First commercial for MBDD

       This is the first -- very, very rough -- commercial for Murder by Dewey Decimal. I have a lot to learn before I can produce one that I can be proud of. When I have a good one, I intend to post it on YouTube, Google and MySpace. Yes, the shameless promotion and selling continue.
       Scribblenut! has received the unsettling news that he has skin cancer. Be sure to remember him and his family in your prayers.
      Jean of Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer has joined us on the Great Slim Down. Drop by and welcome her to the journey.
       Murder by Dewey Decimal is still not available at the wholesalers. I checked this weekend. I'm eager for it to show up. I want to launch the next wave of publicity. But this gives me more time to work on everything, I suppose.
      It's been a productive weekend. I cleaned in my garage and my kitchen. I'm committed to bringing some sort of order to my house. At least my part. My roomie likes his chaos, and as long as the doors to his rooms can be closed, more power to him.
      Going to call it a night. Hope you have a good week. Night!

Sunday Songs: Nicole Nordeman

"Finally Free" by Nicole Nordeman Video

Saturday, September 29, 2007


      I've been thinking of you the past few days. Don't know why. I guess I like hurting myself every now and again. I know it's useless. Waste of time. Certainly after all this time apart. Our lives are completely different now. I don't know where you live, what you do. Even friends of friends no longer hear of you. You've been gone now much longer than we were together.
      I don't know if I really remember your face, the way your bare skin felt, the sounds you made. It's been too long. But if the particulars are wrong, the truth is there, buried beneath all this time and all this living.
      Yes, it's useless. You don't love me, and I've learned to not love you. I don't know why you're on my mind.
      Maybe I saw someone who reminded me of you. Or heard someone speak, and in their voice, heard some echo of yours. Maybe because the nights are getting cooler and falling sooner and that reminds me of our time together. When we were young. Or at least willing to believe that love could overcome anything. When we were stupid.
      If you knew that I haven't loved anyone as much as I loved you or been loved as well as you loved me ... it wouldn't matter, would it? We had all that love and oh the passion, and all we managed to do with it was wreck each other and scar everything we touched. If there's a lesson there, I don't know what it is. Something banal about the hottest fire burning out quickly or love hurts or some other useless cliche.
      Funny after all this time that I can't think of you without feeling old angers stir. We fought well there at the end. No mercy. No quarter. We were very good at fighting, there at the end of it all.
      I don't even have any pictures of you anymore. I got rid of them one day last fall. A bonfire in my backyard one night to clean away yard waste. Leaves and paper ash floating up in the dark. When the fire died, I raked up the remains and made sure there were no embers. Then I sat and watched the silent stars come out.

September 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007


black in the sky black sound in the mouths of those who stare blindly
at spiraling void descending on jagged wings soundless screams
swallowed by endless hunger the awful infinity of the void
requires our presence in the last dance Hawkings
would approve as the events of our lives
vanish beyond the horizon spiraling
down into eternity beyond
which we cannot see
divide by zero
divide by
stars like
a thousand diamonds
but I see your face and laugh
I kiss your face and laugh and angels
dance on pins the skies pour forth blinding light
and powers move upon the deep and the seraphim sing
as we hurl ourcometselves together our bodies feeding glowing
hunger gasps your hands grab my back we burn through pain sorrow
on falling flying soaring shouting exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim breathe
and you turn to me eyes alive as we defiant can only be and say lets do it again

Copyright 2007 by Stephen B. Bagley. All rights reserved. Copying or downloading prohibited.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First excerpt of MBTA

Murder by the Acre

Chapter One
"Murder in a hobbit house"

       Later Lisa told Bernard it was no wonder that Mrs. DeMatt screamed, "You killed him!" After all, Lisa was kneeling over a dead man with blood on her hands.
      Until that moment, the afternoon had gone pleasantly enough. Millie Sader, the day aide at the Ryton Memorial Library, returned from lunch on time for once so Bernard M. Worthington was ready to go when Mrs. DeMatt showed up. Lisa Trent pulled into the library parking lot a few minutes later. Mrs. DeMatt had driven the couple around the small city of Ryton looking at various homes on the market. They reached the earth-sheltered home around three. It was located at the edge of Ryton city limits on Watts Ridge Road. The closest home to it was nearly a mile away.
      "It's almost like being in the country, but you still have the convenience of city water and sewer," Mrs. DeMatt said, flipping through the real estate listings until she found the one for the house. "Let's see. It was built in the seventies during the energy crisis. As you might guess, it has very low heating and cooling bills. The savings are considerable."
      "I like the idea of saving money, that's for sure," Bernard said.
      "That would be nice," Lisa said. "But isn't it dark inside?" Built back into a small hill, the house reminded her of a hobbit hole. Wonder if Bilbo is home, she thought.
      "Oh, no, not at all," Mrs. DeMatt said, leading them up the walk from the driveway. "It has these windows in the front. And it has skylights in each of the bedrooms and the master bathroom. I think that you'll be surprised at how airy and bright it is. It has such a spacious feeling." The real estate agent reached up and tried to unlock a small box fastened near the top of the door. "This doesn't ... seem to want ... to turn," she said. "Mr. Worthington, if you could?"
      "Sure," Bernard said, taking the key from her and starting to fiddle with the box.
      "I don't know why they fasten the lock-boxes so high," Mrs. DeMatt said. "I know I could turn it if it was lower."
      "Maybe it keeps kids from messing with them," Bernard said. "Here it is." The lock box opened, and Bernard extracted a key from it. He handed it to the real estate agent who used it to open the door.
      "There are a few things left in the house that go with it," Mrs. DeMatt said. "When Mr. Fitzpatrick was transferred up north, he wasn't able to take everything. It's mostly living room furniture and, I think, a few things in the master bedroom."
      She led the way down the short entryway and turned to the left. "This is the living room."
      "Wow," Bernard said.
      Lisa echoed the sentiment. The living room was huge. It stretched half the length of the house. Tall windows let in light from the warm May sun. A couch, covered with a gray drop cloth, sat in the center of the room. Two small tables, also covered, nestled against it -- rather like tiny puppies pressing against their mother, Lisa thought.
      "Didn't I say it was spacious," Mrs. DeMatt said.
      "It's certainly that," Lisa said, moving out into the room. "What could they possibly have had in here?"
      “A grand piano would be about right," Bernard said dryly. "Or maybe Rodin's Thinker."
      With a quick glance at Bernard, Mrs. DeMatt said firmly, "I know it seems a little daunting, but a room this size really is not meant to be a large space in itself. What I'm saying is that you can easily create conversation niches by careful arrangement of furniture and accessories. I could see one by the windows and then, of course, another toward the center of the room."
      Lisa nodded doubtfully, thinking that it would take a lot of furniture and several plants -- maybe even a tree or two -- to make the room livable.
      A shrill beeping sounded. Mrs. DeMatt fumbled in her purse, brought out a pager, and turned it off. "I need to call my office. I've been expecting a call from my daughter. Do you mind? You could look at the rest of the house. I'll just be a moment. I left my cell in my car." Not waiting for an answer, she bustled out the door.
      Bernard and Lisa looked at each other.
      "I think this is where we're supposed to wander around the house and fall in love with it," Bernard said.
      "Let's do our part," Lisa said.
      Bernard looked around the room. Two entrances led further into the house. "I'll take the right. It's the kitchen. Maybe they left food."
      "Ah, my hunter-gatherer," Lisa said. Bernard smiled, sketched a mock salute and marched out the door. Lisa watched him go, enjoying that warm feeling which she seemed to be experiencing often. She headed for the left opening which turned out to be a hall that had four doors off it. She looked around, found the hall light switch and flipped it on, then started trying the doors. The first opened into a bathroom and the second and third to empty bedrooms. The average size of all three rooms surprised Lisa somewhat; after the living room she had expected more. Both rooms had frosted skylights which gave the rooms a brighter feel than Lisa had imagined. Maybe that's just the way hobbits build things, she thought.
      She opened the fourth door. It belonged to the master bedroom, which was larger than the other bedrooms, not on the scale of the living room, but larger. A king-size bed divided the room in half and lay beneath a large frosted skylight. Lisa was surprised to see a red satin bedspread pulled back on the bed, revealing red satin sheets and red satin pillows. Yuck, she thought. It looks like something from the Playboy school of decorating. She heard the front door open.
      Lisa stuck her head around the corner and yelled back up the hallway. "I'm back here, Mrs. DeMatt. Bernard's in the kitchen." She waited for a moment, but the real estate agent didn't appear. Lisa shrugged and walked back into the room.
      Beyond the bed, an open door revealed the master bath. Lisa walked toward it. Something crunched under her shoe. She stepped back and looked down at the squashed body of a bee. It was still moving a little so she stepped on it again.
      "I sure hope there's not any more of your friends around," she said. Bernard had told her once that bees wouldn't bother her if she didn't bother them, but she pointed out that would be fine if the bees weren't the ones who got to make the decision about what bothered them.
      Looking to see if any bees were flying around the room, she headed for the bathroom again. Her foot caught on something. She stumbled, tried to direct her fall on the bed but missed. She fell beside the bed on something lumpy and wet. She raised her head and realized that she had fell on … a man. She gasped and scrambled back.
      The man didn't move. Lisa's eyes traveled up his bare legs to the black satin shorts and then to the blood pooled on his bare back.
      "Oh no oh no, not again," she said. "Bernard! Bernard! Come here!"
      She carefully crawled over the man and gingerly reached out, intending to see if he was breathing.
      "You killed him!" Mrs. DeMatt screamed from the doorway. "You killed him!"

Copyright 2007 by Stephen B. Bagley. All rights reserved. No downloading or copying in any form allowed.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trudging through Tuesday

      My new bed arrived this afternoon. I'll let you know how it sleeps tomorrow. Not much to tell you about today. I went to work and came home. Surfed the net, watched some TV, robbed a bank, did some laundry, folded some clothes, etc. Nothing much out of the ordinary.

      I did sell a book today. Well, really my hair stylist sold it. She let me put up a poster on a mirror at her booth in the salon. A lady saw the poster and bought the book. Very cool. Thanks, Stacy!
      I donated a hardcover of Murder by Dewey Decimal the local library today. I wanted it to have one -- especially became the hardcover turned out so well -- and the more people who read the first one, the better the chances are that they will ask for the second one. I'll have more hardcovers arriving this week and next.
      That's about it. I've done nothing else other than work on the Great Slim Down, adding more content to the sidebar. I'd like it to be really helpful for anyone who's fighting the weight war.
      Anyway, that's it. I'm shutting down for the night.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

New chair, new bed, same old me

       Howdy! How are you? I'm doing okay. Hanging in there, chasing my dreams, hope against hope, the usual in other words. I've been posting also on the Great Slim Down. Are you reading there?
       And how about that great review that Jean posted about Murder by Dewey Decimal? Was that awesome? That was awesome. Have you read it yet? Go read it. I'll wait ... Back? Cool, eh?
       Busy day at work. In one way, that's bad because I get stressed, but it does make the day go fast. Well, faster. It never goes fast enough. That's life.
      Hey, this is my new chair. It's an Acadia chair from Staples.

      My old chair was worn out. And I need a good chair because I'm looking at doing some heavy-duty, butt-to-the-chair, write-until-my-fingers-bleed writing sessions. I have Murder by the Acre to finish rewriting, NaNoWriMo in November, Floozy to rewrite and arrange and get published, Passion to turn into a Lulu book, family newsletters to produce, postcards to produce, etc. It's going to be busy around here, and I needed a new chair to support my back. I hope this helps.
       I also have a new bed arriving tomorrow. No, I haven't come into money -- I wish -- but the old one was so bad that even I couldn't sleep on it anymore. So I reluctantly went to the local bedding store and bought one. At least I qualified for a 12 month no interest plan. I have to have it paid off before the 12 months are up; otherwise, interest kicks in. Basically I need to keep selling those books. Want one? Or two? They would make perfect Christmas gifts! I'm trying to figure out an affordable way for you to buy the books directly from me so that I can personalize and sign them before mailing them to you. The problem is the postage. I'll see what I can come up with.
      I'm very tired tonight. I'm hoping I'm not coming down with a cold. That would be a bummer.
       Speaking of reviews, and we were earlier, I need a couple of people to write a good, solid review of MBDD that I could send off to various media outlets. I can't write it myself -- although I am a great fan of me -- so I need someone else to do so. The reviews would have your byline on them, but I would send them out to various review sites and magazines, etc. Naturally should there be any payment involved, it would come to you, but I wouldn't count on that. It might give your byline a chance to appear in various publications across the nation. What do you think? Do I have a couple of volunteers? Please let me know. I'd like to get the reviews out there in conjunction with wholesaler release of MBDD.
      And now an OU joke -- because I can.
      When I was younger, we lived near a house of OU fans. They were mean! When we would go outside, they would throw firecrackers at us! Mean, mean, mean. Of course, then we'd pick up the firecrackers, light them and throw them back. (Thanks, TL!)
      And now we'll close. Have a great night and a great tomorrow. Okay? Okay. Night.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Go here!

      Go here to Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer. Read Jean's review of Murder by Dewey Decimal. Watch me swoon. Then read it again. Isn't it lovely? I could just read it again and again and again. And I have. Such a nice way to end a Sunday night. Thank you, Jean.
      I didn't do much today other than work on thank you notes to everyone who came to my book signings this weekend. Yes, I send thank you notes. It takes a bit of time, but since I'm hoping to build a fan base, I think it's a good thing to do. But that's the only productive I did. I thought I'd take a nap this afternoon and ended up sleeping from 1 to 5. Yikes. I hadn't realized I was that tired. Hope I can sleep tonight.
      My next book signing will be at the Fall Festival at Ada, Oklahoma, Saturday, October 13, where I will sit at a table on Main Street and attempt to sell and sign more copies of Murder by Dewey Decimal. You're welcome to come by. In fact, I hope you do, even if you've already bought a copy and I've already signed it. I love the company. TL and his lovely wife Mel are going to join me at my booth. Good people make good company.
      And now I'm going to try to go to bed. I hope you have a great week. And be sure to check out The Great Slimdown. We're attempting to get our weight loss going again. Join us. Night!
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The 3rd book signing

       Today's book signing went well. About 30 people came by and talked with me at my table. I spoke to a few people in the morning about using Lulu to publish books and then sat and visited with the people who came by. I sold 15 books and passed out a lot of bookmarks and business cards. The library had plenty of snacks and drinks for attendees.
       I particularly enjoyed talking with: Charlene, Harold, Earlene, Diane, Mary Ann and Tommy. Tommy was my high school journalism and English teacher, and Mary Ann is Crystal's aunt as well as my one-time co-author of several articles for a college newspaper. It was wonderful to see both of them. And I went to school with Diane so she sat down, and we caught up. It was a very good day. I didn't get as many photos I wished, but I did get a few.
      My next book signing will be here in Ada at the October Fall Festival on October 13. TL and his lovely wife Mel are going to work my booth with me. I actually don't expect many sales then, but it's a way to keep my book out there in the public's eye. And I might be surprised by the sales. Who knows? This is all new to me, and I learn something every time.
      And now I'm exhausted. Going to call it a night now. Y'all take care, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Night!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Report on 2nd book signing

      Well, the second book signing wasn't quite the success that the first one was. In fact, only six people showed up. However, I sold six books so at least I'm batting a hundred. And I enjoyed talking with them, particularly Sharon and Richard and a nice lady who bought a book for her sister.
      I didn't take any photos at this signing other than one of the table. I was there by myself most of the time or the people didn't want their photos taken.
      Still, I appreciated the library hosting me. They don't have to do that, you know, so it was quite nice.
       This evening I got to spend some time with my family at my hometown football Homecoming. Our team lost, but the company and the band were great.
      Currently I'm typing this using the hotel wireless, supposedly to be high speed, but doesn't seem to be that. Overall, I'm not impressed with the hotel. It's clean and looks nice, but the bed is hard enough to break the will of political prisoners, and the toilet paper was made by the sandpaper division of Northern. The TV remote is missing its battery cover so every time you pick up, the battery goes rolling under the bed. You have to use two hands, one to use the remote and the other to keep the battery connected. I finally stuck a bandaid over the opening. The shower facet is one of those combined hot-cold facets, which only seems capable of producing either flesh-searing hot or glacier cold. The only ice machine is on the ground floor, someone has written naughty words on the Gideon Bible, and the desk clerk has an attitude that a Rottweiler would envy. In other words, a typical hotel room. It's fine.
      Tomorrow I'll be in my hometown at the Muldrow Library. I'm hoping more people come by. Another report then. Take care, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Night!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A few items

EDITED TO ADD: See "Rebirth" at the Great Slim Down.

      So how are ya? I've been okay. I was very pleased about the first book signing. I sold over 20 books and met many people who I hope will help make the launch of Murder by the Acre even better than the one for Murder by Dewey Decimal.
      I'm nervous about the two book signings coming up. Indications are that they will be good or at least the Saturday one will be good, but who knows? I'm going to enjoy the chance to see family and friends either way.
      After these two signings, I don't have much planned for the book other than being in a booth for my town's Fall Festival on October 13. Just me and a bunch of books, although I'm hoping to convince some Oklahoma friends to come and sit with me. (Hint, Roen, Amber, Crystal, ETC, Kent, Trixie, ER, TL, hint.) Sometime that month, MBDD will available nationwide, and I'll do a mailing to all the libraries in Oklahoma. I hope to schedule more book signings, particular near Christmas, but we'll see how that goes.
      Also in October will be "Twilight," in which I will cheerfully torment some cocky role-players I know. That should be fun. It always is. Well, for me.
      Hey, did I mention that I'm already working on my Christmas cards? Don't you just hate me? Don't do that, or you won't get one, and this year's card will include another one of my Tales From Bethlehem, my somewhat different and -- I hope -- humorous look at the events of the Nativity. This year, we're going to be hearing from one of these: a sheep named Lostest, the manger itself (!), or a live report from Bethlehem's own KBET ace news wench Dabahia of Rome.
      I had a weird blood sugar episode tonight where it dropped really low. Made me feel very bad. I can't figure out why it did. Very annoying.
      Did I mention that I wasn't nominated for an Okie Blog Award this year? Not that I'm bitter. And if people are torn apart mysteriously by robot monkeys, it's just a coincidence. Really. And I would feel bad about it. Heehee.
      At my book signing, a very nice lady brought her copy of Murder by Dewey Decimal for me to sign and also handed me a written review of it. She has allowed me to post it here and on Lulu. Thanks, Shirley.
      Murder by Dewey Decimal is a real page turner! The character development is finely drawn, and the reader is immediately connected to Bernard, Lisa, and the Chief -- you feel you know them and understand them. The narrative and dialogue are both witty and fast-paced, and the ending a total surprise. I am a voracious reader, and I have not been as completely entertained in a long time! I look forward with great expectations to the next book in the series.
      -Shirley S., September 2007

      And on that lovely note, I'll close for the evening. Have a great night.
Order Murder by Dewey Decimal in paperback HERE!
Order Murder by Dewey Decimal in hardcover HERE!
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Monday, September 17, 2007

From the Sequoyah County Times

(Reprinted from the September 13 issue of the Sequoyah County Times)

Muldrow native will sign copies of his new book on Sept. 21 and 22
An assistant librarian and a roving reporter make an unlike pair as they investigate a series of bizarre murders connected with their local library in the just released humorous mystery "Murder by Dewey Decimal" by Stephen B. Bagley, a Muldrow native and graduate of Muldrow High School.

Bagley will sign copies of his book at Sallisaw's Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library from 2 until 4 p.m. Sept. 21, and at the Muldrow Library from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 22. The book will also be on sale at that time at both libraries, Bethia Owens, librarian, said.

Bagley added a short synopsis of his book. He wrote, "When Assistant Librarian Bernard M. Worthington finds the body of the dreaded Agatha Ryton-Storer, he doesn't know her death will begin a series of murders that will stun his small Oklahoma town and reveal secrets hidden for 30 years. He, roving reporter Lisa Trent, and Police Chief Chuck Donaldson must outwit a ruthless, determined murderer. What was stolen from the library safe? Who is stalking Lisa with murderous intent? What happened to the missing janitor? Who stole the Ryton family jewels? Why did old Eliah Ryton will his hideous mansion to the city? What secrets does it hold, and who is killing to hide them?"

"I wanted to write the type of mystery I enjoy reading," Bagley said. "Suspense, humor, and puzzles, as well as characters I'd want to spend time with. I hope readers will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it."

"Murder by Dewey Decimal" is the first novel in Bagley's "Measurements of Murder Mystery"(tm) series. The second book in the series, "Murder by the Acre", will be released later this year. Both novels are published by the publishing company Lulu.

Bagley wrote the full-length plays "Murder at the Witch's Cottage" and "Two Writers in the Hands of an Angry God" and co-wrote "Turnabout." His poetry has been published in Byline Magazine, Prairie Songs, Free Star, and other publications. He co-authored two one-act plays - "Hogwild" and "There's A Body In The Closet" - that were published by Dramatic Publishing Co. His articles and humorous essays have been published in Nautilus Magazine, OKMagazine, Pontotoc County Chronicles, Your Country Music Magazine, various Oklahoma newspapers, and other publications.

"Murder by Dewey Decimal" is available now at, and will be available at, Barnes &, other online retailers, and local bookstores this fall.

Bagley graduated from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. For information about Bagley's other books, plays, and publications, visit his Web site 51313 Harbor Street, or This is his first novel with Lulu.

Order Murder by Dewey Decimal in paperback HERE!
Order Murder by Dewey Decimal in hardcover HERE!
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Physics, ear wax & the other great mystery

       It has occurred to me more than once -- as I'm sure it has to you -- that I'm simply one handsome guy, a prince among men. I think we're all agreed on this. Yes, we are. Don't make me come over there, bucko. You wouldn't like it.
       So I'm a prince, and my question is -- one that surely ranks up among the great questions in the universe like The Ultimate Theory of Physics and The Mystery of Ear Wax -- why isn't there some princess for me? Or truly the question is why aren't there many, many princesses for me, but we'll focus on one.
       Although I can't focus on one anymore because of what that silly judge did with his protective order. Or at least I can't focus on my attractive neighbor up the street who has taken to wearing a black sack that completely covers her from head to toe, only comes out at night, and carries mace (an actual spiked club, not the pepper spray) for some reason that eludes me. Or really she's eluding me. She must have been a long distance runner in high school. Sigh. Nice legs, though.
      But that's beside the point or really to the left of the point or maybe to the north of it, but I'm not sure because I was never clear on that whole north-south-east-down thing. I hate it when people give directions like: "Go south for 1.7 miles then turn to a bearing of south-east by 40 degrees and use the star Polaris to triangulate your position." I'm much better with: "Go past the Dairy Queen and turn right at the gas station with the four pumps out front and go until you see the house with the green statue of George Washington." Those are directions I can follow.
       Where was I? Oh, yeah, about that green statue of George Washington. It isn't moss that covers that concrete tribute to the Father of Our Country. (Which is an odd nickname because he didn’t have any children, and did anyone ever think that just maybe he resented that nickname and wanted to be called Bubba or Red?) Anyway, the statue's owner got tired of people writing graffiti on Bubba Washington so he painted it bright lime green, going on the theory that anything that was painted on it could only improve it from that point on. Perversely, it hasn't been defaced since.
       But I keep thinking that wasn't what I was talking about earlier, but to find out, I'd have to stop and go back and re-read what I wrote, and frankly I think you should do it and tell me so that I wouldn't have to. I'm tired.
       Fine. Give me a moment. I have to do everything around here. Oh yeah, why isn't there a woman for me? It's an unanswerable question, although a girl once told me that it was because I couldn’t focus on anything for very long, but that doesn't sound right. Just ask my neighbor up the street.

Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.
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Order Murder by Dewey Decimal in hardcover HERE!
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Report on the first book signing

      You may notice that the last post from the book signing was at 4:24 p.m. That's because from that point on, I didn't have time. People kept arriving, much to my and the librarians' surprise.
      I sold all the hardcovers I had, and I had people asking for more. And people who had already bought their book kept arriving for me to sign it. I rapidly realized something. If you're having a two-hour book signing, and you have more than 25 people show up, all of whom you're trying to connect with individually, you don't have enough time. Five minutes per person is all you have -- if people arrived like clockwork -- but they didn't. They arrived in little crowds. I actually had a line waiting for me to sign books. It was exciting, scary, exhausting, and humbling.
      People who had read the book were very supportive and complimentary, and those who hadn't yet acted excited and pleased to talk to me and have me sign their books. I gotta tell you: this was a grand experience. I wish all of you could have been with me to share it.
      - A man showed up with a note on which he had written what he wanted me to write: a dedication to his daughter on her 15th birthday.
      - One wonderful lady came with a written review of the book. It spoke highly of the book and will be added to the reviews on Lulu. She also purchased an additional book for her sister out-of-state.
      - Another wonderful lady bought a book for herself and then one for her school library.
      - Many, many hugs from my friends, some of whom I hadn't seen for a couple of months.
      And here are some photos from the book signing, all taken on the various camera phones and cameras of my friends who emailed them to me. (Yes, that's me in the photos. Take a deep breath. It will help you over the shock!)

      The rest of the photos were too blurred to post, but maybe I can clean some of them up in Photoshop and share more photos of the wonderful people who made my first book signing a success. My thanks to all of them!
      And now I'm going to call it a night. I'm tired. Y'all have a great day tomorrow.
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Sold another book! So far, six people have come by.
Now I've signed three books.
Here I am at the book signing. I've sold one book so far. One other person has shown up to have me sign her book.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Banner Day

       Yesterday I dropped off some books at the library and was surprised by this huge banner on the front of the building. Is that cool or what!

       Also yesterday, I had two ladies bring by books to be signed. When I told of the book signing, they both said they'd be there. I'm hoping I have ten or 15 people show up. I'd like to sell five or more books. We'll see. Publicity is good whether it results in an immediate sale or not. (But we'd like immediate sales!)
      I'm both excited and nervous about the book signing. I hope a good crowd shows up. I hope I sell a few books. I hope, I hope, I hope. That's my life these days: full of hope. I hope -- there's that word again -- that some of those hopes are realized.
      I wrote the following to post on another site where a writer is thinking about starting a publishing company. However, a fellow blogger gently explained that the site is looking for ideas about "traditional" publishers. Whatever. But I won't make waves. I'll just post it here.

Is it possible to self-publish a book and make money?

That's the question that I've starting answering with the self-publication of my mystery novel Murder by Dewey Decimal. I'm not going to go into the reasons that I chose to self-publish (see HERE for the whole story) but I chose Lulu as my publisher because I saw that Holly Lisle had self-published on Lulu (her Writing Clinic books, which are wonderful, by the way) and thought I'd trust her judgment on it.

Instead we're going to talk about how I've sold MBDD and how I'm selling it and what I've learned.

Murder by Dewey Decimal reached 43rd on the Weekly Bestselling List on Lulu in its third and fourth week of publication. It's since dropped off, darn it, but that rise took a lot of work. What did I do?

1. First, I promoted the living crap out of it on my blog 51313 Harbor Street. I had contests that used excerpts from it. I linked, linked, and linked it. I posted about until I made people's eyeballs bleed. I also asked my blogging friends to mention the book and link to it. Only two other blogs put up permanent links to it on the sidebars, but several others mentioned it.

2. I mailed out postcards. Now, normally mail-outs are small returns, which is why I advocated citywide mail-outs back when I sold advertising. (Sales and marketing are my background and a large portion of my day job.) But in this case, I sent the postcards to my friends, family and business acquaintances. I mailed 200 postcards and got nearly 60 sales off them.

3. I spammed. No, no, no, I didn't. Well, sort of. I sent an email about the book -- with a link to my page on Lulu -- to my friends, family, etc. I received another 25 or 30 sales from that.

4. I put up posters around town. That may seem odd, but I used to put up posters each month for the local theater productions so I have a "route" where the businesses know me and were receptive. As far as I can tell, I only had a handful -- maybe five or so -- who saw the posters and ordered from them.

5. I printed up stickers and business cards with the info about the book and put them everywhere! Okay, not everywhere, but the stickers went on every piece of mail that I've sent out (bills, birthday cards, letters, etc.) for the past month. (I tried to get my boss to let me put them on the mailings we send out from our office, but no go. Oh, well.) As the business cards, I carry them and give them to people who are interested in ordering the book. So far, I haven't tracked any sales from either of these, but I also have no way of knowing.

6. Book signings. I've arranged three; the first one will be this Thursday at our local library. The librarian, by the way, has been wonderful and incredibly supportive. To promote the book signings, I've used postcards, emails, posters, a story and local briefs in the town newspaper, and public service announcements on the radio stations and cable access channel, as well as good old word of mouth. So far, I have 26 RSVPs. If they all show up, it will be a good signing. In terms of sales, I don't know. Many of these already have bought books, but I'm hoping for some sales.

7. This is a weird one, but it worked in the way that weird things sometimes do: I created merchandise promoting Murder by Dewey Decimal on T-shirts, ornaments, buttons, a clock, a journal, notecards, tote bags, etc. And people actually bought some of the merchandise! Of course, I wanted the T-shirts and buttons for me to wear around town. I've had several people ask about them, which gave me another chance to talk about my book.

8. I sat up a display on the front desk at my office. (My boss agreed to this.) I've sold several books that way.

9. My family newsletter. This is probably peculiar to me, but I publish a monthly family newsletter filled with recipes, prayer requests, family photos, etc. (pretty much whatever my subscribers send me). Guess what one of the front page stories was for three months in a row?

That's it so far. What else do I have planned? To arrange more book signings after I evaluate these first three, more linking and contests on my blog, and a mailing to every librarian in Oklahoma (the book has, in case you haven't guessed from the title, a library theme) when the book is available at the wholesalers. I've also run across several book trailers on youtube for Lulu books, and I'm going to look into creating one or two for MBDD. Also, my town is having a street festival in October, and I'm going to have a booth there.

It's been a lot of work, but I'm proud of my baby book. It's not War and Peace, but then I've never claimed it was. It's a quick, fun read. And that's what I wanted it to be.

      I hope things are going well for you. Naturally because I have to appear in public, my face is breaking out. Tomorrow I should wake up looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon's older, uglier brother. Sigh. Have a good night!
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Monday, September 10, 2007

It's beginning to look ...

(Written for the July issue of my family newsletter)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas especially at Walmart ...

       Last year, on December 26th, a local retailer put up a sign that read "Only 365 shopping days 'til Christmas." I thought the sign was funny then. Now I'm not so sure. I just went to Wal-Mart, and they already have two aisles devoted to Christmas decorations and gifts. Christmas shopping? In the middle of JULY?!
       What happened to Labor Day? Or Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving? Are we going to ignore them the way Congress ignores the Balanced Budget Act?
       Of course, I know people who have their Christmas shopping done months in advance. I've never really trusted them. Who knows what else they’ve done in advance? Besides buying presents before they even have an idea about what the receiver needs or wants, maybe they're already selecting gravestones for other people, too. Are they the people for whom funeral homes run 2-for-1 specials? (A local funeral home -– I’m not kidding -– actually ran a June Special ad that said, "June is for brides –- and for securing your future with a beautiful gravestone." Grooms, don't give your bride a tacky ring; give her a tombstone! And if you do, trust me, it will get promptly used.)
       I'm all for advance planning, but I think we need a month or two after summer and Back-To-School Sales (which retailers have elevated to the ranks of a holiday) before we plunge headlong into the Christmas shopping frenzy. Just to catch our breath. Particularly since the days are blurring by until we’re meeting ourselvescomingandgoing.
       I'll tell you what I felt when I saw the Christmas aisles. I felt panic. Sheer unreasoning panic. I had a sudden urge to sweep down the aisles loading my cart with whatever items I could grab and figure out later who was going to receive the reindeer salt-n-pepper shakers —- the salt comes out of the nose and you don't want to know where the pepper comes from -— just as long as I had done some Christmas shopping before I left that store, so help me, Josephine!
       I wasn't the only one who felt that way. The Christmas aisles were filled with women and men blindly throwing things into their carts without even looking at what they were grabbing. One woman was weeping as she swept a shelf of hideous pinecone elves into her car. Several people were struggling to reach the one remaining miniature tree.
       "People! Listen to me!" I shouted. "Listen!" Slowly they turned their faces toward me. "Don't give in to this shameless attempt to manipulate us into starting Christmas now! Don't let their greed panic you! Take control of your holiday!"
       The people looked shamefacedly at each other and began to move out of the aisles, leaving their carts behind, items dropping out of their hands.
       "That's right," I encouraged them. "Be free. You have months to Christmas shop. It's just July."
       After the aisles had emptied, I looked out over the carts, the cluttered shelves, and the floor littered with gifts. I shook my head sadly. What is this world coming to? Then I sorted through the items and got everything I wanted, including the miniature tree with a whole grouping of pinecone elves. Merry Christmas!

Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Library hosts book signing

Reprinted from the Ada Evening News, August 27, 2007

Ada library hosts book signing for author

ADA — An assistant librarian and a roving reporter make an unlikely pair as they investigate a series of bizarre murders connected with their local library. The two join forces in the newly released humorous mystery novel “Murder by Dewey Decimal” by Stephen B. Bagley.

Bagley will sign copies of his book at Ada Public Library from 4-6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 13. Books will be available for $16.95 each.

When assistant librarian Bernard M. Worthington finds the dreaded Agatha Ryton-Storer, he doesn’t know her death will begin a series of murders that will stun his small Oklahoma town and reveal secrets hidden for 30 years. Worthington, reporter Lisa Trent and Police Chief Chuck Donaldsdon must outwit a ruthless, determined murderer. What was stolen from the library safe? Who stole the Ryton family jewels? Why did old Eliah Ryton will his hideous mansion to the city? What secrets does it hold and who is killing to hide them?

“I wanted to write the type of mystery I enjoy reading,” Bagley said. “The book has suspense, humor, puzzles as well as characters I’d want to spend time with. I hope readers will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

“Murder by Dewey Decimal” is the first novel in Bagley’s Measurements of Murder Mystery series. The second book in the series, “Murder by the Acre,” will be released later this year. Lulu is the publisher for both books.

For more information about Bagley’s books, plays, poetry and essays, visit his Web site at Books are available now from and, Barnes &, other online retailers and local bookstores this fall.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


There's a story in how I ended up with these, but it's late. I'll tell you later. Have a good night.

Roses. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Voices, thanks & other things

      What oh what has Tech been up to? I hear you asking. Well, I hear someone asking, maybe not you, but someone near you. Or beside you. Or maybe stalking you from afar, but they are asking that because I can hear them. I've also been picking up XM satellite radio, but that's a whole different story and I don't want that to get out or they'll start charging me. They're like that, you know.
      Anyway, before the discussion gets focused on the voices in my head and on why world conquest by a force of vicious robot monkeys is a bad thing, although certainly a Republican thing to do, let's get back to what I've been doing. As for what I did over Labor Day, you have to read the comments on Monday's post. Excellent comments, by the way, even though you wouldn't think junk mail would lead to that, but there you go. Well, not literally go. I assume you're sitting when you read this, but you know what I mean.
      What was I saying? Oh, yeah, about what I've been doing. Mostly working on family newsletters. I published July one Monday and the August one Tuesday. And I intend to publish the September one this weekend. Three in one month -- which is a record -- and will catch me up for the first time in nearly two years. How cool is that! Well, it's very cool. Just so you know.
      I've been going through -- and am still in -- a crisis here, although I hope the worst of it is over. It's been a reminder about how even our best intentions can hurt us and how fragile our "secure" lives really are.
      It's also been a reminder about how true friends behave. I have been blessed with a handful of friends who have stuck by me and who in so many ways have helped me, even if it's just been with a sympathetic ear or an invitation to lunch.
      I've really learned who my real friends are, and I'm not interested in the fair-weather friends who are only available at their convenience, not ever mine, and who won't defend me even when my reputation is being maligned.
      Early this morning I went through my cell phone and my address book and deleted names and addresses. I can't tell you how liberating that was. I was talking to my friend Gail W. late last night, and she said something very wise: "If people aren't your friend in bad times, then they aren't your friend in good times, either." That resounded with me.
      Of course, it's a lesson I've learned before, but for some reason -- naiveté, I'd guess, or sheer stupidity -- I keep forgetting it. The past few days have been a painful reminder.
      So this is a thank you to those friends who have stuck by me. I appreciate you and hope you realize that I'm there for you, too.
      I have my first book signing next week. I'm nervous and excited about it. I'm not expecting to sell many or any books, but I am hoping that a lot of people who have already bought the book will come by and let me meet them. I'm very curious about who they are. Every day or so I have someone I didn't expect mention that they purchased the book or have read it. It's been very cool. I'll be giving you a report next week on how it goes.
      I thought the comments on Monday's post were especially good, as I mentioned earlier. Thanks to all the thoughtful people who spoke there. The search for spiritual meaning in our lives is an important quest that we should all undertake. (How pompous did that sound!) Anyway, it was cool to share and be shared with.
      Murder by the Acre is in trouble. Nothing I can't write my characters out of, but trouble nonetheless. I had hoped to have it out by Christmas, and I still might, but I am determined that it be a better book than that murder mystery masterpiece Murder by Dewey Decimal ... ahem. Anyway, that may mean that I have to release it in 2008. We'll see how it goes.
      I don't think I mentioned that the distribution copy of Murder by Dewey Decimal has been approved. Sometime in October, you should be able to order it from Amazon and other retailers. You should also be able to order it from your lcoal bookstore. My baby done grown up and moved out.
      Speaking of babies, Mikey is doing well in the first grade. He really likes it, which is a great relief. His little brother Jay is doing well, too. As are Zee and Kayla. And Miss Gm and Mr. Gm. And Princess J and Queen H. All my babies are doing well. A great blessing.
    &bnsp;  They're going to have a street festival here in October. I'm thinking about getting a booth and selling my book there. Maybe I could find another author or some other business to share the cost with. I'll have to look into that.
      Well, it's time to go to work. I have a busy morning there, but I'm off this afternoon, which I will spend promoting the book signing. I hope you have a good day. I'm outta here.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


My brother and his family went to Boulder, Colorado, recently. They took the photo below. Talk to you tomorrow.

Monday, September 03, 2007

"Please Mr. Postman ..."

"Please Mr Postman look & see if there's any junk mail for me ..."

       So basically I have a cell phone, a home phone with four cordless receivers, an answering machine, email at home and at work with several different accounts, four blogs, a shoe phone ... Okay, that’s not true. I only have three blogs. My point is that I'm connected to a ridiculous degree. The CIA isn’t as well connected as I am.
       And I'm not sure I want to be that connected. There's a lot to be said for being disconnected. I was thinking about that this week while on vacation when my office called and emailed me several times. If the only way they could reach me was by snail mail -- also known as the United States Postal Service -- they might have attempted to solve those little problems themselves instead of whining to me. Like I can do anything about the building being on fire in the first place. Or would want to, in the second place, after having paid that arsonist all that money.
       I've always liked letters. They seem more special than email or a phone call. You know the sender put some effort into a letter. And money, too. If USPS keeps raising the cost of stamps, they will eventually price themselves out of the market. You'd think this would cut down on the amount of junk mail we receive, but fortunately USPS has special rates for bulk mailers so we will continue to receive those amazing 2-for-1 offers from our local mortuaries.
       From all the thousand offers I've received in the mail over the years, I’ve never bought a thing. I confess that I do like reading about the amazing things that Vitamin E enriched cactus pulp cream can do for the unsightly blemishes on my skin, but I've never sent off for any of their incredible products. You can tell they know that, too, by the increasing frantic tone of their mail: “This product will change your life. It will make you into a more successful person. WAIT! It will also grow back your hair and make you RICH! Don't throw this away! Rich, rich, RICH! Are you listening to what we're saying?! No, no, no! Please, not the shredder! Aieee…"
       Overseas, sending a letter already costs $1 or more in our currency. Some countries charge as much as $5 a letter. A Christmas card IS the gift over there. But fortunately their postal services also offer a bulk rate for junk mailers so that their citizens can receive amazing 2-for-1 offers from their local yak retailers. Let me tell you, if my office had to pay $5 a call, they would leave me alone.
       Of course, you might suggest that I ditch the cell phone, unplug the answering machine, cancel the Internet accounts, and buy a new pair of shoes. But what if some beautiful movie star -- such as Nicole Kidman -- needs me to rewrite her script? She would be heartbroken, simply devastated, when she couldn't reach me. For Nicole, I'll have to stay connected. Hey, it could happen!
Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Diabetes: Tips & lessons learned

       In the past few months, I've learned a few things about diabetes. While each diabetic is different, I thought what I had learned may help others if they ever have to deal with it. Here are a few tips and lessons learned.
       First lesson: Diabetes cannot be ignored. You must deal with it. Diabetes will kill you painfully if you don't.
       Tip 1: Give up soft drinks. Even the diet drinks have been shown to impact blood sugar levels. A slice of lemon helps water immeasurably. Drink water.
       Second lesson: Diabetes will change your life, but it won't ruin it. It is a huge lifestyle change, but it is doable. Many people before you have controlled the disease, and you will, too.
       Tip 2: Salads and non-starchy green veggies are your friends. Eat a salad at lunch and supper with a no carb dressing.
       Third lesson: No one will take care of your health as good as you can. You must research, you must experiment, you must devote yourself to controlling diabetes. It's a wily opponent so you have to be smart.
       Tip 3: Many diet plans, such as South Beach, have low carb frozen dinners that are compatible with your diabetic diet. Take advantage of these delicious choices.
       Fourth lesson: Don't be afraid of the lifestyle changes. Yes, they're upsetting. Yes, they take work. Yes, you will be living a more mindful life, but isn't that what we're supposed to be doing down here? Being mindful and wise?
       Tip 4: Take your blood sugar often, and track your results. See what foods affect your blood sugar and how. Each person is different, but by careful monitoring, you can build a menu of food that help you control your diabetes.
       Fifth lesson: Most people don't know much about diabetes. I certainly didn't. And the bad advice I received from people was amazing. For instance, one lady told me that I should eat more potatoes to control my blood sugar. Another person told me that diabetes was "no big thing" and didn't deserve the attention I was giving it. Both were completely wrong.
       Tip 5: Visit your local library. There are many websites, magazines, and books devoted to diabetes. Your local librarian can help you find the information you need.
       Sixth lesson: You need support. Many local hospitals offer free diabetes classes and support groups. Use them.
       Tip 6: Start today. Don't put it off. Make one change each day, and soon you will find that you are living a healthy life.

Read previous articles on The Treatment of Diabetes, Blood Tests & Diabetes, Symptoms of Diabetes and What is Diabetes.

For individual health care questions, consult your doctor. For more information about diabetes, visit the website for the American Diabetes Association.
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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The favor of your vote is requested

      I've been working on a new template for Harbor Street. Gloria graciously let me use her blog to experiment. If you go to Wry Words, you'll see the possible future template for Harbor Street. There is a poll on the sidebar on the right. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

The treatment of diabetes

       As we have seen in in the previous articles, diabetes is a terribly dangerous disease when untreated. Fortunately effective treatments have been developed for diabetes. These treatments usually allow diabetes to live healthy lives.
       There are two types of treatments: medication and lifestyle changes. Both are usually prescribed. Medication includes: insulin injections, oral insulin drugs, insulin sensitivity drugs, and insulin production drugs. Lifestyle changes include: a diabetic healthy diet, stress reduction, sleep modification, and moderate exercise.
       Type 1 diabetics (those whose bodies no longer produce insulin) have to take insulin shots. They monitor their blood sugar closely, testing their sugar usually before and after every meal, upon waking and before going to bed, and as needed. Type 1 diabetics are also required to make changes in their diets to accommodate their diabetes.
       Type 2 diabetics (those whose bodies either don’t produce enough insulin or whose bodies have lost their sensitivity to insulin) must also monitor their blood sugar, although typically not as closely as a Type 1. (I test my blood sugar in the morning before breakfast, after lunch, and before my bedtime snack.) Type 2 diabetics can usually be treated with medication and lifestyle changes.
       But this is important: Each diabetic is different. Treatments have to be tailored to each person. So generalities about the treatments are only correct on average and may not apply to a particular diabetic. That is why it is important for a diabetic to work closely with his/her healthcare provider to develop a treatment plan to fulfill his/her needs.
       I am a Type 2 diabetic. Each morning I test my blood sugar. Then I take one 30mg pill of ACTOS®. ACTOS® helps control blood sugar levels in my body by reducing insulin resistance. (Insulin resistance is a condition in which my body’s cells don’t respond to insulin properly.) Then I follow my meal plan. I eat six times a day, three regular meals, and three snacks (midmorning, mid-afternoon, and before bed). In the regular meals, I’m allowed 60 carbohydrates at each meal, and 15 carbs at each snack. I typically test my blood sugar before the mid-afternoon snack and before the bedtime snack. The point of the meals and snacks to keep my blood sugar at an even level and avoid blood sugar swings.
       My daily menu usually goes like this: For breakfast, I have a bowl of oatmeal, eight ounces of orange juice, and eight ounces of milk. For my midmorning snack, peanut butter crackers or baby carrots. For lunch, a hamburger (no cheese, no fries) with vegetable chips or baby carrots, or lunch at a Mexican restaurant where I have fajitas (beef or chicken, four flour tortillas, salsa, peppers, onions, lettuce and tomatoes), or a Burger King grilled chicken salad. For the afternoon snack, carrots, peanut crackers or one oatmeal cookie. For the evening meal, I eat what I want, keeping the carbs low. Bedtime snack is toast with butter spray.
       I watch my blood sugar and see what foods affect me. For instance, barbecued beans make my blood sugar rise greatly. So I've removed them from my menu choices. Also, I don't drink soft drinks, neither diet or regular. Water is my main beverage.
       This diet is so far working for me in controlling my blood sugar, but I have an additional problem. I also suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The IBD diet is loaded with potatoes, rice, and other soothing carbs that the diabetic diet discourages. So my diet is a balancing act between the IBD and the diabetes. It gets confusing at times, but as I learn more about how foods affect my blood sugar, I will make better choices and eventually will have my diabetes under control.
       Next time we'll take about tips and lessons learned about diabetes.

Read previous articles on Blood Tests & Diabetes, Symptoms of Diabetes and What is Diabetes.

For individual health care questions, consult your doctor. For more information about diabetes, visit the website for the American Diabetes Association.
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