Thursday, February 21, 2013

Working music

Music helps me get more things done. Fast music to get my blood moving. Get my tasks done to the beat of various pop and rock artists. I have a play list for every book I’ve written. Just something in the background with a beat, Keeps me moving forward. Keeps my energy level up – not as good as caffeine, but it helps.

Do you listen to music when you do chores? Most people do, I think, certainly for routine chores that don’t require much concentration. And if I’m working on something particularly hard, I do want it quiet then. Or I play some Buddhist chants softly. The chants have a beat and low rhythmic sounds, but no words – at least none I know. Keeps me moving forward without intruding.

I think workout music is an obvious example of music that helps us move and sweat and get things done. Perhaps the pyramids were really built to the beat of some ancient Britney Spears.

Something to think about, you ancient alien proponents.

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