Monday, February 11, 2013

Deacon Jones Doubts

Let us speak plainly, Brother.
There are times when I doubt you,
when I wonder what truly moves
you. You spread your arms as spit
gathers in your mouth and spray
your unholy words to the adoring
crowds. You cater to prejudice
and ignorance as you misquote
and twist Scriptures to match attitudes
that would give pause to the devil.

But the crowd amens you on,
content when you confirm
their backward views of the world
and don't challenge the status quo.
How easy it is to rail against other
people's sins while letting those
of your contributors slide past
with a knowing wink and sideways
smiles as the choir sings, rapt
in words you don't truly know.

Now you raise your hand
against me and deliver a bless you
that sounds like something else
because I dared to question
these things and make plain
my doubts. Let us part, you and I,
and make our way to the bright
silver shores where -- if you arrive --
your shocked eyes will behold
multitudes you denied any grace.

Copyright 2013 by Stephen B. Bagley. All rights reserved. No copying in any form. Thank you for reading.

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