Saturday, March 09, 2013



I make resolutions in January. Have for years, but by the time March rolls around, I’m ready to change them or renew them. And Spring inspires me. Something about the green and the rain and storms, I get restless and find myself willing to embark on journeys to new lands, places inside my soul that I’ve never been and, if I were wise instead of foolhardy, wouldn’t go.

In Spring, I understand the song of the Janus, gazing both at the past and the future. I worship God and look for new deities, I rejoice in current lovers and look for new ones, I breathe in the sunshine and seek the new shadows of the woods. The dark of winter gives way to the unsettling southern winds that call my name and promise new experiences. Spring never promises the experiences will be good, just that they will be unknown and new.

In Spring, my year begins again.

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