Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 Facts About Me v.2

1. I love old steam trains. Love their look. Love their sound. They were amazing technology pushing at the limits of the knowledge of their time. I wish they still ran.

2. Cupcakes makes me happy. They're like little pastries of sunshine. Lemon, cherry, and strawberry are my favorite flavors.

3. I try to listen to music every day. I also try to sing every day. Life is better oh so much better for having music in it.

4. I try to read 100 books a year. I usually go over that number, but at least a hundred.

5. I am unable to really whistle. Don't know why. Have never been able to.

6. I can eat a whole lemon, peel and all, with salt. Not good for my teeth, but I do love the salty, sour taste.

7. I was unable to master the yo-yo when I was in grade school. I once tried to do that trick where you swing the yo-yo up in huge arc and only succeeded in bouncing it off my head.

8. I like all of the Star Trek series. I miss Kirk, Spock, and Bones, though. A shame that our heroes -- or at least the people who portray them -- get old. The new versions of those three are okay, but not the same.

9. My favorite TV show at the present is Person of Interest, followed by NCIS and White Collar. Oh, I also like the Big Bang Theory, although their scripts seem to be slipping.

10. Archibald MacLeish is my favorite poet. His poetry literally changed my life and kindled a love of poetry in all its forms that burns still today.


Jessica Peterson said...

Just stopping by from the a-z blog challenge. I love your blog! It's so happy! Thank you for sharing all those interesting tidbits about yourself. I can't imagine eating a whole lemon. And I too have not mastered the yoyo. Happy Easter to you too. Have fun with the challenge.

Stephen B. Bagley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

I think it's okay if we haven't mastered the yo-you. I've yet to have a job interview where that came up ... :)