Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 Facts About Me v.3

1. My favorite movie of all time would have to be The Lion In Winter. Fantastic dialogue and characters. Amazing performances from the entire cast, but particularly Katharine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole.

2. My current favorite musical groups are A Great Big World, Imagine Dragons, and Tenth Avenue North.

3. My favorite pin is Uni-Ball, micro point. (Since I write, I get asked this a lot, but actually I do almost all my writing on my computer. I hardly ever write in longhand. Just bits in my idea journal.)

4. My favorite superhero is Superman, followed closely by Wonder Woman. The old versions before the New 52 crapped all over them, particularly Wonder Woman.

5. My favorite musical is Man of La Mancha. It's about the only one I would rewatch. Maybe Hello, Dolly.

6. I don't like dark stories that are dark for the sake of being dark. Yes, there are bad things in the world, and fiction will show them, but sometimes authors get enchanted by the bleak and senseless. I have enough of that in the real world without wanting to read an excess of it in books.

7. I dislike food that takes hours to cook. Not worth it. Fresh ingredients simply and quickly prepared are what I like.
8. I don't like chocolate cake unless it has German chocolate frosting.
9. I don't like to text. Not at all. I get annoyed when people text at a meal with me. I made sure they know I'm annoyed. They don't usually do it again. (This doesn't apply, of course, if it's an emergency or important news. Otherwise, it's rude. And don't text in church or at funerals. Really.)

10. I don't like writing down what I don't like. Seems rather pointless and mean.

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