Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Old and New

It's that time to look at my goals for the new year. I should look at my goals from 2012, but I'm afraid they will blind me with their arrogance. Perhaps I will take a peek later, but for right now, let's talk about what I accomplished.

- Published and promoted Tales from Bethlehem. That is one of the best things I did last year. There were more headaches with the publishing and writing process than I expected or planned for, but overall, I'm quite proud of it. And while it hasn't outsold any of my mysteries, it's holding a comfortable third position on my sales chart. Since it's seasonal -- and I can update it -- I hope for more sales next year. 

Tales was my fifth book. Murder by Dewey Decimal, Murder by the Acre, EndlesS, Floozy & Other Stories, and now Tales from Bethlehem. I've read that you have to have 11 books published (in the self-publishing world) before you can start making a decent living from your writing. I guess I'll see if that's true.

- Published Creations 2012 by Ada Writers. Although it doesn't carry my imprint, this truly was the first Many Rivers Harbor book. It's the one that gave me the idea of publishing other people's books.

- Published Secret of the Pack Rat's Nest by Martha Rhynes. The first official Many Rivers Harbor book. I learned so much contracts, deadlines, working with authors, etc., and even made a little money to boot. A definite win.

- Published On Target: Devotions for Modern Life. The second Many Rivers Harbor book. Still learned a lot, but the process went much smoother, and it's a lovely book. 

- Was elected president of the Ada Writers writing group. My term started January 1. We'll see how this goes. I'm to guide them through the publishing process for Creations 2013. Looking forward to that.

- Continued to publish the monthly family newsletters. The subscribers continue to support its publication. It's even grown a bit. And I'm no longer losing money on it. That's a win.

- Read 119 books. I'm counting this is a win because I wanted to read 100, but still, I should watch that. When I consider the number of magazines, newspapers, websites, and posts I read ... Reading has always been my drug. Maybe I need to try to interact with the Real World more. No, I should. Really.

Well, let's look at my goals from last year and see how I did.

1. I will finish and publish Murder by the Mile. To this end, I have committed to writing one page per day five days a week. I hope to do write more, but that's the baseline. Did not do.
2. I will publish Tales from Bethlehem. Mostly I just have to be pull it together, write two more Tales for it, and create a cover. Did.
3. I will continue to work on Debt Free At Last! A Beginner's Guide to Money Management. I'd like to publish it this year, but it's not as high a priority as the other two are. Did not and abandoned the project.
4. I will continue to add Christmas cards to Oakleaf Harbor on I'd like to have 50 card designs available before November next year. Did not do.
5. I will add a birthday card selection to Oakleaf Harbor on I'd like to have 50 card designs available this year. Did not do.
6. I will continue to send Dragons Gather and Darkness, Oklahoma to agents and publishers. Because each rejection moves me closer to an acceptance. Did. Garnered two more rejections for Dragons and one for Darkness.

7. I will walk at the gym 4-5 days a week, depending on health and holidays. Did although stopped walking at the end of October because I hurt my ankle. And I only walked three days a week.
8. I will improve my diet and eat more veggies and low carb foods. Did and did't.
9. I will arrange for a colonoscopy. I have to figure out how to pay for it, but with the cancer history in my family, I need to do this this year. Did not due to lack of money, but have plans for it this year.
10. I will continue to look at holistic health solutions and ways of life. Did.

11. I will remove 50 books from my book collection and sell or donate to the local library. Did.
12. I will have two garage sales. Had one.
13. I will remove 50 items from my closets and sell or donate them or trash them. Did.
14. I will try to remove an item when I add an item to my house. Tried.

15. I will continue to seek a job, full time or part time, even though I'm very discouraged about this. However, as my health improves, other jobs that I can't physically do now will be possible. I can do this and will. Did and suffered some crushing rejections. This one just about sunk me.
16. I will read 75 books this year. Oh, I thought the goal was 100. Well, did.
17. I will continue to read the New Testament and finish it this year. I will also read Psalms and Proverbs. Did. Read all three and most of the Old Testament.
18. I will pray daily and give thanks for my blessings. Mostly did.
19. I will remember that honesty can cause pain and remember that I can never completely know what another person is going through and thus should not judge. In other words, I will keep my mouth shut when my opinion hasn't been asked for -- and sometimes even when it has been. Slipped a few times, but mostly I did much better.
20. I will try to be more forgiving of myself and others. We're human and frail in many many ways. We all need a break. Did as best as I could.

Really, I did better on the list than I expected. Surprising. And pleasing.


1. Finish and publish Murder by the Mile. It's past time.
2. Take up daily walking again. Got to do this for my health.
3. Participate in the 2013 National Novel Writing Month.
4. Blog at least one a week on three of my blogs.

1. Walk at least three times a week.
2. Watch the diet and concentrate on more veggies and low carb foods, even when I eat out.
3. Go to the doctor for a check up and schedule a scope. Also, go to a dentist.
4. Seek more holistic information.

1. Give 50 books to the local library or to friends.
2. Remove 50 items from my closets and donate or discard as needed.
3. Organize my files and discard and shred old financial records as needed.
4. Donate or discard kitchen pots never used.

1. Keep my eyes open for possibilities.
2. Look into going back to college.
3. See if Continuing Education would let me teach some poetry classes again.
4. Pursue more contacts on Linked In.

1. Publish three books from Many Rivers Harbor.
2. Publish Many Rivers Harbor's first traditional book. Probably a poetry book. More on this as it develops.
3. Continue to seek new clients.
4. Purchase ISBNs for MRH so that it shows as the publisher rather than Lulu or Amazon.

1. Pray daily and give thanks for my blessings.
2. Remember that honesty can cause pain and I can never completely know what another person is going through and thus should not judge. 
3. I will try to be more forgiving of myself and others. We all need a break.
4. Battle the black dog until it whimpers to see me. 

Well, that seems to be a good lists of goals. I hope we all reach our goals,or if not, we achieve other things that are even better. Happy New Year and Many Blessings on You and Yours!

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