Friday, September 21, 2012

25 Random Things (Updated)

1. I don't like my middle name and have often wished I had asked my parents how they came up with it.
2. My dad had seven sisters and one brother.
3. I fell and broke my arm in two places backstage before a production of Oklahoma! by the local community theater. My left arm has never been the same.
4. I miss my mother and father often. They were taken too young.
5. I hate washing dishes. Someday I will have a dishwasher! Besides me, I mean.
6. I like to cook, although it's less fun now that I have to focus on low carb meals.
7. I am a fan of White Collar and Leverage.
8. I have a fish named Spencer after Winston Spencer Churchill.
9. My first computer was a Tandy 1000. I saved for months to buy it. My current computer is an HP Pavilion. It's a good little thing.
10. My main characters on World of Warcraft are mages. I don't enjoy playing other types.
11. I used to play Dungeons & Dragons in college. A group of my friends and I still get together and play every year or so, but it's harder now because we all have commitments. Scheduling is a real problem.
12. My next book will be Tales from Bethlehem, a book about Christmas mostly written not during Christmas.
13. I don't have respect for either political party these days, which makes it easier to make jokes about them.
14. One of my favorite TV shows is Last of the Summer Wine on PBS.
15. My favorite hymn is Amazing Grace.
16. If something gets my attention, it is quite easy for me to become obsessed with it.
17. I think electric cars are the ultimate in cool. If I could, I'd live in a solar home that generated enough power to charge my car.
18. I often regret that I didn't have any children, but then I see the living hell some of my friend's children have put them through and continue to do so -- and I count my blessings.
19. I really think most doctors are only in it for the money. And I detest most of them.
20. I once accidentally dated a married woman. She didn't tell me she was married until we had dated three months. I was very upset when I found out and immediately broke it off. She dropped out of college because she said she couldn't bear to see me every day. I hope she finished her degree somewhere, but I don't know.
21. I've always lived in Oklahoma and proud of it.
22. I love eating at Rib Crib. And La Fiesta.
23. I have blue eyes.
24. I wear contacts and glasses because my vision is so bad.
25. Barq's root beer should be served in an ice cold mug. I like it that way and have my own mug. But I since I rarely drink soft drinks anymore -- and when I do, they're diet -- I haven't had Barq's in months now.

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