Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Everyone seems ready for an apocalypse these days. I don't meant literally, although some people are gathering weapons and supplies to survive. I'm talking about books, TV, and movies. Zombies, plagues, alien invaders, robots, pollution, nuclear war, global warming -- pick your reason. Or several.

Then be part of a hardy group of survivors scratching out a life after everything falls down. Have adventures, fall in love, everything means more. What a glorious short life you will have.

You know, it's not the big things that will do you in. A scratch that gets infected. A broken leg that can't be properly set. Months of suffering as cancer eats you alive. No proper toilets or sanitation. No showers. No baths. No food. Sure, you can leave off the remains of civilization for a while, but then the canned food goes bad. The stores are empty. Your faithful dog is looking delicious.

Rats are tasty, too, I've heard. Maybe you can shoot a few deer -- although bullets are getting in short supply as is gunpowder. Do you know how to dress a deer? Well, I guess you'll learn.

Or maybe you can be a raider. There will be a few people who will try to rebuild and will plant crops and raise animals. You can live off their labors and help drive the last remnants of civilization off the earth.

Or ... you can help make the world a better place. But don't tackle the world. Clean up your own backyard first. Plant some flowers and trees. Learn how to live lightly on this earth. Choose the best technology. Honor the values of honesty and hard work. Find a hobby where you use your hands and learn a craft. Value what's been learned. Know that new for new's sake is as stupid as holding grimly on to the past. Be an adult. Understand the difference between greed and free enterprise. Have a relationship with God. Be kind to children and animals and protect those who can't protect themselves. Teach people how to care for themselves. Remember that your rights end where another person's nose begins. Keep your nose out of your neighbor's bedroom and life. Learn, teach, work, pray, live, rejoice, dance, sing.

And when the zombies come, blow their heads off.

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