Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Blogger tips, misc

      Having Blogger problems? I know I am. Here are a three tips that seem to work ... usually.
      First, when at your Dashboard, choose New or Change Settings. Avoid the Edit Posts page as much as you can. Edit Posts seems to take forever to appear.
      Second, set your Edit Posts page to only show 10 posts. Any more than that seems to slow down the page.
      Third, when Comments won't open, right-click on Post A Comment and choose Open In A New Window.
      I remain hopeful that Blogger can pull itself together over the next few days.
      Not much to tell you about today. I had a frustrating day at work. It only served to remind me that not only are the customers not always right, sometimes they're downright mean and completely crazy.
      I'm having to rework my book some. The new Chapter 9 and 10 are worse than the old Chapter 9 and 10, and the old ones didn't work at all. Do you think I could just leave blank pages and let the reader pen in what he/she thinks happened to get our little circus from 8 to 11? I guess not.
      I know I keep posting flower pictures, and you're probably getting a little tired of them. I'm just trying to encourage spring. It needs our help. Winter is refusing to let go. I want green grass, blue skies, leaves on the trees ... Actually I'm hunger for summer. I crave the heat.
      My heat lust always seems to surprise people. I think they look at my ... ahem ... ample size and assume that I'm so well-insulated that I'd catch fire in the summer. But I have an odd quirk. My normal body temperature is about 96.3, a couple of degrees cooler than most folk. I always thought I was unique, but a couple of years ago, when talking to my doctor, I discovered that most people aren't 98.6. We're all either a degree or two over or under, but most usually over. And our temperature fluctuates during the day. Anyway, I don't really know if that's the reason I'm comfortable in warm weather or not, but the doctor thought it made sense.
      I'm behind in several writing projects. Sigh. It's that pesky job of mine. Or really it's all the other stuff that we have to do live. It seems my whole life has been a struggle between my writing and my life. ... I'm ToRn BeTwEeN tWo LoVeRs, FeElInG lIkE a FoOl ... I was singing that in case you couldn't guess.
      I hope things are going okay in your world. Have a great tomorrow! You deserve it.


Erudite Redneck said...

You can have summer. Fie! Fie on bermudagrass! I stomp on the greening shoots every time I walk across my yard -- but still it comes! After 10 years in an apartment, I liked having a yard again. Now, after 8 years of a yard, I've had it with yard work! (Of course, if I could ever get a garden going again, that might change my tune.)

Michelle said...

I like your pictures and appreciate them. They are beautiful.

It is much better than the snow and pine needle ridden ground I am looking at.

Spring! Dag Nab It! :p (that was a foot stomping fit in case you didn't notice)

I need intervention...

Texas Susan said...

I love the photos!!! MORE!!!

Gloria Williams said...

I also like the beautiful flowers. Keep posting them, but also post some pictures of little Mikey. He's a doll.

CrystalDiggory said...

I agree with Gloria. We need more pictures of Mikey. He is a doll. Throw in some of his Grandpa, too. :)