Wednesday, August 19, 2015


      A few months back, a friend asked how I could bear to bare so much of my life to the general public. A clever question (bear to bare) but he didn't realize how much was left out of this blog. Things happen, and I can't share them either because the other people involved wouldn't want me to or because I am unable to share them for reasons of my own. This is an edited version of my life. Maybe the life I'd like to have.

      Of course, we all do this. Different faces for different people. Sometimes the change is major, sometimes minor. Some people deny they do this. They like to claim that they are same for everyone. I've discovered they are always liars. Maybe that's what we humans are. A race of liars.

      I once heard an upright minister preach about how what drove Adam and Eve from the Garden wasn't disobedience, but rather that they lied about their disobedience to God. The angel and flaming sword were to punish their lying tongues, and that's what would happen to us if we lied, according to him, a flaming sword in our souls. (Later on, that same minister would lose his pulpit and his family for cheating on his wife with the church secretary. I wonder how that flaming sword felt.)

     I don't have any conclusions to draw here. Maybe something about life and the need for illusions or the benefits of a nice, comfortable lie. Maybe about how we can lie our way to a truth, maybe not an absolute truth, but a truth nonetheless. I don't know. Maybe you should lie yourself to a conclusion. It's not hard. You can do it. Close your eyes and open your mouth and lie. That's the way to do it.

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