Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mad, I tell you, MAD!

I'm going mad. Just thought you should know. I've spent just about every waking hour working on Tales from Bethlehem. I've been trying to make up the time I lost during my two and a half week illness. Well, now I'm about a week behind. And I am so SICK of being in front of this computer. That's why I'm going mad, mad, MAD!

Anyway, not much else to tell you about last week because of that. And that's what I'm going to be doing this week, too.

Let's see what I have planned:
- Enter in corrections as they arrive from my various proofreaders.
- Tuesday afternoon, book signing for Kelley Benson's On Target: Devotions for Modern Life. This is the first signing any of "my" authors have had. I'm supplying the table and tablecloth and table sign. He's supposed to supply the rest. We've mailed postcards, emailed local people, and (I hope) will have a story in the local newspaper. Sometimes they run stories; sometimes they do not.
- Household chores.
- Hope to get a pumpkin and some mums this week and decorate my porch.
- Clean my desk and get some organization in the piles of paper publishing a book seems to generate.
- Writers group meeting Saturday morning. In which they will each take a Tale and do some proofing for me.

I hope your week goes WONDERFULLY! And if not, you can always go MAD with me!

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