Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hideous, but good moments

Well, the title sums it up. But for the curious, I will share The Bad Stuff, The Better Stuff, the Good Stuff, and the Future Stuff.

The Bad Stuff
- Working with the new computer took most of the week, but I was finally able to actually do some work the past two days. It's been hideous hard to go through this. And dang expensive. Well, not that expensive, but comparatively, it's felt that way. I have so few resources left now.
- Discovered the program I used to create the cards is one that won't work under Windrows 7. And the program is not upgradeable. Apparently a new computer purchased the program's name, and their new version does not read any of the previous versions' projects. All I have left are the proofs from the cards. (I scan the proofs to create encapsulated PDFs, which I upload to And I can create no more proofs. Not with that program. I still have my portfolio, but whatever program I end up using, I will be re-creating them all from scratch.
- Caught a head cold or something. Achy and miserable.
- Ankle swelled for some ungodly reason, and I was unable to walk at the gym.
- A good friend moved away. Of course, we will still talk on the phone, but it won't be the same.

The Better Stuff
- Finally did two days of work.
- Got the second galley proof to my micro publishing customer.
- Did exercise in the pool.
- Got most of the programs uploaded onto the new computer, which is faster, particularly when working with Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Premiere.

The Good Stuff
- Paid a bill with money from the micro publishing. Not from my savings. It was a small victory, but it was a victory.
- Had friends over on the Fourth for a cook-out and swim. It was good fun and great conversation and also served a going away party for my friend.
- Work on Murder by the Mile is proceeding. Not as fast as I'd like, but thank God, it is proceeding.

The Future Stuff
- Continue to work on Murder by the Mile.
- Write a program on Creativity Unbound to give at the next writers group meeting this Saturday.
- Continue to work on the micro publishing projects and contracts.
- Find a new card publishing program that looks like it will survive for a few years.
- And naturally, housework and chores.

Hope your week goes well.

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