Monday, December 31, 2018

"Turn Does the Year"

"Turn Does the Year"
By Stephen B. Bagley

the old year turns
either onto a new path
or onto the same
with only minor changes

we raise a cup or not
hoping a toast brings luck
even as we realize
it might not be as wished

in this changing moment
between then and now
and what will come after
drink deep the bittersweet

promised nothing, we still
scheme and plan
and if the fates be kind
a plan or two will bloom

we make promises
we might not keep
even though we will try
and cry and laugh and run

dance with me
love with me
pray with me
kiss your sweet lips now

think of what we leave behind
walk toward what is before us
most importantly hold my hand
as the old year turns new

(Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.)

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