Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Like a pebble dropped in a pond.

The things we do.

We are so powerful, but we have no foresight. We can't see the consequences of what we do. We intend one thing to happen, and it doesn't. Or if it does, it's slightly different than we expected. The changes spread beyond what we can see. The ripples of our actions travel across the waters of our lives.

When I younger, I was arrogant. I was powerful. I was willing to interfere in people's lives because I obviously knew best. But ... of course ... I soon learned that being able to do things doesn't mean you should do them.

I learned how things could hurl out of my control.

I learned how people could break.

I learned how love could turn to hate.

Now I choose to be powerless. I refuse to shoulder the burden of power and the guilt of unintended and unexpected consequences. I choose to be free. I choose to be innocent.

But sometimes I'm tempted. Sometimes I hunger for that feeling of power. Sometimes I want to stretch forth my hand and drop a rock in the pond and ride the ripples to hell and back.


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