Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wide awake

Sometimes you can't love a person enough.
Sometimes they won't love you back.
Sometimes you can't work it out.
Sometimes you have to face the fact.
You've been in a dream.
Time to wake up.
Wide awake.
You have to walk away.
Never been good at this.
Never knew when to go until it was blindly obvious.
Always held on too long.
Hoping you have any pride left.
You sure won't crawl.
Your head held high.
You sure won't fall.
You've been in a dream.
Now you're wide awake.
Wide awake.
Looking around at the world.
Seeing the possibilities.
A lot of love left to find.
To give. To share. To live.
The waking world calls.
You're walking in the sunshine shining through the trees.
You're wide awake.
I'm wide awake.
Wide awake.

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