Saturday, May 15, 2004

From Orc War

To the surprise of most people, orckind have honor. Admittedly a rough sort of one, but once an orc befriends you, he stays your friend to death and beyond. An "Orcfriend" is known in the orckind tongue as a "Nahgrumna." Orcfriends are rare, even among orcs and even more rare with other races. Ruan Ta'Hisvin, for instance, was the "Nahgrumna" of Tor, the one-time commander of the City Guard, and was the first Orcfriend for Tor's clan in over a century. There are even stories of an elf being an orcfriend, although most discount this as myth, considering the eons old war between the orcs and elves."
-Baron McFeddes, "Lecture on the Habits of Orckind"

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