Saturday, November 01, 2014

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Enjoy stories and poems from authors 
Stephen B. Bagley, Kent Bass, Wendy Blanton, 
Gail Henderson, Jean Schara, and Tamara Siler Jones
in this dark, thrilling anthology!

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Blackbirds First Flight
  • An unhappy wife can't decide what to do about her boorish husband until an uneaten meal gives her a dark idea. 
  • Something is raising zombies in Tulsa, and Justina Grave is the only one who can stop it.
  • When a fat farm promises to make Edyth thin again, her dream comes true. She will never be fat again--or safe. 
  • Hopping a freight train can be a cheap way to travel. Unless you pick the wrong boxcar. 
  • One kiss gives Francois immortality, but at a cost he doesn't see coming. 
  • A woman warrior must choose her fate as the Romans ravage her land. 
  • Stalked by terrible creatures seeking vengeance, a band of robbers runs for their lives in medieval France. 
This anthology will lead you into dark, twisted places filled with mystery and delight.